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  • Alex Creamery

    • SMR, Curepe | Tues - Thurs, 12 PM- 8PM | Fri - Sat, 12 PM- 9PM
    • Dessert Heaven ! Alex Creamery is here to satisfy your sweet tooth with a wide variety of tasty treats. Enjoy Ice cream, cakes, brownies and more
  • Bad Boyz Burger Company

    • maraj957@gmail.com
    • 5.00 average rating from 1 review
    • The home of Bad Azz Burgers! Bad Boyz brings to you a well thought off, mixed selection of foods including Hand-crafted Burgers, Hot Dogs and Pastas with premium sides to accompany each meal.
  • Bar-B-Que Station

    • Trincity Mall | 11 AM - 7PM
    • You will enjoy a wide variety of BBQ meats complimented with a host of tasty sides. Order your favorite combos, pasta or portions of meat only.
  • Bite Me Bistro

    • Curepe | Mon - Sat 8AM-7:45PM | Sun 8AM - 1:45PM
    • 5.00 average rating from 1 review
    • The OG of ALL DAY BREAKFAST with a spin! A world where we can enjoy our favorite breakfast AND revel in a mouth watering creamy pasta or by a juicy burger topped with their signature cheesy sauce.
  • Bukhara

    • Curepe | Mon-Sat 12noon-10PM
    • 5.00 average rating from 3 reviews
    • Stone Oven Pizza Perfectionist! Bukhara, located on the Southern Main Road, Curepe has built a reputation for having one of the best Pizzas across the country and they didn’t stop there. We are treated to a host of grilled meats
  • Bukhara (San Juan)

  • Chubby’s Famous Grill

  • D Ranch

    • Trincity Mall | Monday-Thursday 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM | Friday - Sat 10 AM - 7:30PM | Sunday 10 AM-6PM
    • D Ranch, famously located in Trincity Mall surely knows how to do BBQ. You will enjoy a wide variety of BBQ and Jerk meats served with delicious sides to satisfy your every need.
  • D’ Ultimate StrEAT Vibe

  • Dine 'n Dash

    • St Augustine
    • 5.00 average rating from 2 reviews
    • Dine N’ Dash is well known for their all day breakfast options! From pancakes to chicken 'n waffles to pasta. You can get it all right here!
  • Fitt St Market

    • Woodbrook ( 10 Item Minimum Order Quantity)
    • marketing@fittstmarket.com
    • 687-5884
    • Your one stop shop for all your grocery items. Order today and let us bring your essential items to your door.
  • Flame Express Grill

    • Arima
    • 5.00 average rating from 2 reviews
    • Flame Express serves a wide variety of foods such as Pasta, Grilled Foods, Burgers and Salads.
  • GTC (Good Times Cocktails)

    • Champs Fleurs | Open All Day, EVERYDAY
    • Playfully handcrafted fruit & local rum cocktails. Which flavor will you try today??
  • Juman's Roti Shop

    • Curepe | 11 AM - 2:30 PM | Mon- Wed, Fri -Sat
    • In the mood for curry? Look no further! Jumans has a variety of your favourite homestyle curry dishes including dhalpourie, buss up shot, dhal and rice and much more!
  • Kens Doubles & Pies

  • Mahes Meat Supplies

    • Orders placed will be delivered the following day
    • mahesmeatsupplies@hotmail.com
    • 6875884
    • Your source for premium meats of all varieties. Chicken, Duck, Beef, Shrimp and Fish. Get it all here
  • Nelly's & Son's Soup

    • Grand Bazaar Food Strip | Open Everyday 10 AM - 10 PM
  • OMG Sushi

    • Curepe | Open Everyday 10 AM - 10 PM
    • OMG Sushi brings the mouth-watering taste of Japanese cuisine to your door. From Volcano to California rolls to Samosas, you can trust OMG to bring quality sushi to your door every time.
  • Ram style Curry Restaurant

  • Rum On D Go

    • St Augustine | Open EVERYDAY 12PM - 3AM
  • The Burger Specialist

    • Your source for one of the best premium quality burgers in East Trinidad.
  • The Good Sauce

    • Eddie Hart Food Village, Tacarigua (PRE-ORDER FOR SATURDAY ONLY 3PM-7PM)
    • thegoodsaucett@gmail.com
    • 687-4009
    • Tasty locally-grown corn boiled in a seasoned gourmet coconut sauce and served by itself or with fresh pigtail, or shrimp, or King Fish slices with ochro, or mix it all up! Add a tasty garlic bun and we have some
  • Yammers Roti Delight

    • Trincity Mall | 8AM - 6PM
    • Yammers brings a wide variety of local dishes that we know and love. You can enjoy curry crab and dumpling, Bake and Shark, Rice and Dhal as well as Roti. We know you'll love what they have to offer.

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